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At empower, we bring highly-focused creative, process and technical offerings to the food and beverage market.

We combine deep domain knowledge and incredible market access with decades of partnering with solution providers to bring the best options to clients. empower provides great leadership in an industry experiencing great transition.  


Manufacturing & CPG

Transparency rules the day for manufacturers in the food and beverage industry.  Educated, demanding and socially conscious customers want visibility throughout the supply chain based on growing health, food safety, or environmental responsibility mindsets.  And according to PwC, “CPG companies must focus obsessively on their cost base and drive continual efficiency”.   These firms must preserve already-slim margins while increasing product mix due to geographic, demographic and technological drivers. Cutting prices is not a viable long-term solution.   There are ways to win in this changing landscape and empower can help you make some smart bets and get moving in the best direction.


Food & Beverage wholesale distribution is another chapter in the low margin, older technology and evolving industry model textbook.  Restaurant sales are lagging and grocers are getting bypassed by “customer direct” shopping, ordering and shipping.  Managing massive SKU’s and inventory volume is a growing issue as consumers taste evolve and broaden.  And, the industry is laden with an older workforce and tons of time-consuming, error-prone, manual and paper-based processes that run the business.   Given these immense challenges, global consultancy Allen Austin says, “some are struggling to maintain their market position, market share and sustainable profitability.” empower has great experience in addressing the most critical challenges facing those in food & beverage distribution.




Clearly the behemoths are in the food and delivery business for the long haul. This is helping drive an incredible surge in on-line ordering and delivery – and the models and tools that support it.  Digital, personalized marketing and “real-time, any-time, anywhere” consumer experiences are being enabled by big data and analytics.  There is convergence everywhere you look - brands selling directly to consumers, Omni-channel ordering and fulfillment and restaurants located right in grocery stores.  empower knows that to win in this game, grocers must lead with great process and operations – and then lay the optimal enabling technology on top to get the best possible results.  We believe that technology in a silo never fixed any real business problem.



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